A worried parent complained in a parenting advice column that her neighbor wouldn’t cure her daughter’s lice because vegans don’t murder living things.


She continues, “My daughter, 7, is great friends with the girl who lives next door, and her family is vegan. It’s okay; we respect their decision. My issue is that lately, when this otherwise lovely youngster was at our house and itching hysterically, I found out she had head lice.


When the girls’ mom was informed about the nits, the mother said that she was aware of them but didn’t want to hurt them because vegans don’t kill living things.


“She told me she was in the practice of combing the lice and nits into the garden where they had the best chance of survival,” the poster continued, “and my jaw hit the floor.”


The agony aunt revealed to the poster her true feelings, calling the other mother a “sanctimonious twit.”


She cautioned, though, that if the other parent found out, it might anger her.


Though it might be worthwhile!