Imagine being given the freedom to wear whatever you wanted for graduation. Away with the traditional ‘graduation gowns’.

The University of Kyoto, one of the largest in Japan, and the second oldest after the University of Tokyo, permits students to wear anything they want for graduation.

You’re probably wondering “Whaaaaat?”, “Why would they allow such?”. Well, it’s because Kyoto University is in conjunction with the Kyoto City University of the Art. Also because they want students to freely express themselves as their graduation day is, after all, ALL ABOUT THEM!

I don’t know about you, but these outfits are superrrrrr cuuuute!

Wanna dress up and graduate as Barbie, the Ninja Turtles, Son of The Mask or whoever and whatever? Go study at Kyoto University!!

Do you think we should have this in Fiji? If so. what or who would you dress up as?