A Chinese buffet restaurant has left customers and critics after revealing that they will be charging a minimum of $3 for those that bring babies along.

Panda Garden in Barrow-In-Furness in Cambria recently took to social media to announce the new features of the newly renovated established and a new all-you-can-eat buffet option with a starting price of £9.90, which is equivalent to $25.60 FJD.

A handful of customers expressed their joy with the new meal options available. However, a select few weren’t too happy with the additional comment that “high chairs are not free, nor is labour and in fact food.”

After viewing the “madness” all over social media, Panda Garden spokesperson, Xiangling Xiao released a statement via Facebook to clear the animosity.


We are paying the opportunity cost of reserving a seat for a baby where an adult could have been seated, we are also paying for staff to clean up  after their mess.

They continued to add “Therefore, a £3 charge will apply. Whilst we try our best to accommodate young children and babies into our restaurant, we’d also like to ask that you cooperate with us and respect our rules.”

In efforts to restore harmony, they concluded with “We hope this will clear up any misunderstandings that have occurred and bring awareness to our rules. We also take on any advice from customers, more signs will be placed in the restaurant and near the entrance to raise awareness of our rules.”

Social media users had a variety of reactions to this statement with a few being understanding of the restaurant’s rules. While others joked saying “Are we okay to leave the six-month-old outside with their pram whilst we eat?”