Tristan Thompson is facing a suspension from NBA action due to a significant rule violation. The Cleveland Cavaliers center has been sidelined without pay for breaching the league’s anti-drug program. The news has left fans shocked, prompting numerous questions about this unexpected turn of events.


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The Cavaliers now need to strategize on how to navigate through more than two dozen games without their centre. Thompson’s suspension spans 25 games after he tested positive for two prohibited substances, namely “ibutamoren and SARM LGD-4033,” as per an NBA press release. Ibutamoren is recognized as a growth hormone, while SARM LGD-4033 is commonly used by bodybuilders and weightlifters for muscle enhancement.


The timing of this suspension couldn’t be worse for the Cavs, who recently enjoyed an 8-game winning streak. Their upcoming game is scheduled for Wednesday, adding further challenges to the team.


As of now, Tristan Thompson has not issued a statement regarding the suspension. This setback marks a stain on his return to the Cavs, being his second stint with the team. Throughout his career, Thompson has also played for the Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, and the Los Angeles Lakers.