5. Grumpy Cat, the cute and angry feline of Instagram


Grumpy Cat might look like she doesn’t want to see any of you. But this hasn’t stopped 2.6 million of her followers to show their love in the comments section. Some might find her expression a great source for memes, but others simply love her funny and furry presence on their feed.


4. Juniper, the adorable and friendly fox on Instagram


Juniper was adopted by her human when she was only 5 weeks old. Now, Juniper has been the happiest she has ever been. This friendly fox smiles a lot, making more than 3 million people’s hearts melt whenever they see her on their feed.



3. Instagram’s Doug the Pug’s iconic facial expression



Before Doug the Pug became an award-winning movie star, this little pup has always been admired on Instagram. Many of his followers adore his signature pose—his tongue sticking out to one side—which garnered him 3.9 million followers.


2. Instagram’s Nala Cat and her big, round eyes






Nala Cat of Instagram is loved by many for two things: her big, round eyes and her fluffiness. This adorable feline boasts of 4.3 million followers on Instagram. Who would have known that this adopted kitty would soon steal the hearts of many?



1. Jiff Pom, the tiny pomeranian dog of Instagram





Jiff Pom might be tiny, but this pomeranian dog has the biggest following on Instagram. As of writing, this internet sensation has 10.2 million hooman admirers. Jiff Pom has also been featured in Katy Perry’s music video for Dark Horse. 


Source: Tatler