Growing up, we always looked forward to our parents returning home with our favourite snacks and munchies. One of which is a go-to whenever we knock off work/school and wait for our buses: beans and peanuts! Here’s a list of our favourite snacks from the famous bean carts at the bus stand:

4. Peanuts

You can never go wrong with a good ol’ bag of peanuts from the bean cart. Yes, it may be a bit time-consuming trying to peel off the skin of each peanut before devouring them, but, after holding a handful of peeled peanuts, it is something to enjoy on the way home.

3. Barafi

With all things savory, we’ve got to have some sweets in the mix and Barafi is an all-time fan favourite.


2. Gulgula

What was only made for Sunday dinner after a heavy lunch, Gulgulas can go well with jam and butter. But after having it during a long bus ride back home, we’ve learned to enjoy it on its own.


1. Beans and Jalebi

My go-to order at every bean cart I go to. For some reason, it just goes so well together.

If you have yet to try it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?