We all want to have fun during the festive season and there are just a few things we need to ensure that the party is not cut short or disrupted. Here is a little list:

1. Don’t Leave The Tank Empty
On a big night out, make sure to chow nicely so you can avoid a bunch of problems later like a Blackout and will save you the embarrassment of vomiting in front of your crush. Having a good base will also avoid alcohol poisoning. (Just saying)

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2. Numbers Matter
Whether you’re on a night out with the girls or the fallas. Always travel in packs or go in pairs, just expect the worst because other people are there and confrontations are bound to happen.

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 3. Head on Swivel

Anything can happen especially when alcohol is involved. So be sure to keep track of your location and your belongings, not forgetting your friends who like to go on little drunk adventures

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4. Money for Home
No matter how much fun you’re having, spending your last $30 is not worth it. Keep your cab fare home.