The Piper methysticum plant is used to make the beverage or extract known as kava. It’s a well-liked beverage that is used to relax at gatherings in the South Pacific.

These gatherings can last for as long as the drinkers want or until the powdered kava runs out. Oftentimes, it can last an entire day or even a week. That’s why the following tips are essential for anyone who has a low tolerance level for the drink or simply tires out easily.


  1. Use Your Children
    This tip is especially helpful for parents who want to escape a session. What you can do is mention that the children are at home waiting or that the babysitter has to leave soon and you must relieve them. Your company would understand as children are a top priority in any situation.

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  2. Charge Your Phone
    If you happen to have your phone or any phone in particular on hand, then you can utilise that to your advantage. Announce aloud that the battery on your phone is running low because of how long you’ve been sitting at the gathering and that you must charge it in the house. Once you are in the house, you can head straight for your lovely bed.

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  3. Pretend You Got A Phone Call
    Set an alarm on your phone with a tone similar to that of an incoming call. You could excuse yourself from the group and answer your call away from them. From there the choice is yours, whether you want to catch a cab home or return to the battle.

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  4. “I’m Going To Get Chasseur”
    One of the oldest tricks in the books is to pretend that you care about your guests and are going to fetch them a snack. This is most effective if you are the host as it would make sense for you to go into the house. This tip can also be used by anyone in general

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  5. Use The Toilet
    This trick to stepping a kava session is used so often that it creates trust issues among the group. When an individual says they are going to visit the convenience, it is expected that they won’t return.  Therefore this tip wouldn’t be as sneaky and ojne would have hoped but it is effective.

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Hope you put these tips and tricks to good use. Remember these for your next meet-up with the family.