There is one legendary invite that’ll you get that can either go one of the two ways, best nights ever or the worst experience in the world. Trust me it’s been used so many times it can be its own brand.

Before we reach the invite, just remember that the reason why your phone is blowing up is cause the clubs are open. Well it’s not open like before with all its glory but at least nightlife can continue with a bit of normalcy. Start small then end big……..sounds kinda interesting eh.


“Vacava…one Jug?” those three words have the power to make problems disappear, well for a little time. Every great party story starts with a group of mates saying those beautiful words.  So if you want to make memories try sending your mates that one text and use the legendary three words, you can thank me later.

So with that being said Vacava One Jugs??

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