The proprietors of Queviures Marria, a century-old grocery shop in Barcelona, are tired of tourists who simply stop by to take pictures of the surroundings, so they put up a sign warning that doing so will cost you 5 euros ($5.6).


Having been in operation since 1898, Queviures Marria is one of Barcelona’s most striking places.


Every day, hundreds of tourists come to the store because of its retro appearance and its classic interior design, but the problem is that many of them aren’t truly interested in the traditional cured cheeses, oils, wines, and other items that are sold there.


One of the managers said that many visitors enter the shop without so much as a polite “hello,” stroll about taking pictures, and then just leave without making a purchase. So, in an effort to deter people from looking, he decided to charge them.


Merino made it clear that while they no longer have to, he and his partners have no desire to really enforce the fee.


The majority of unwelcome customers have been turned away thanks to a warning about the 5 euro cost that was posted in the store window.


Now, the majority of visitors who enter the store actually leave with a purchase; those who do not like to observe the interior of the business from the shop window.