An Iranian guy claims that in 2006, he abruptly stopped eating and has since only consumed sweetened carbonated beverages as a source of energy.

Gholamreza Ardeshiri, 58, claims that he has been subsisting on water and carbonated beverages for the past 17 years because even the thought of eating makes him queasy. One night in 2006, he woke up with a peculiar taste in his mouth that he was unable to get rid of no matter how many doctors he saw. He ultimately made the decision to abstain from food indefinitely and has since led a completely normal life.

He doesn’t eat in front of his family since the sight of them makes him nauseous, and all of his energy comes from fizzy beverages. He claims he never gets hungry and downs three huge soda bottles every day.

He visited a number of the doctors that everyone had suggested, but none of them could identify his illness. Although he didn’t actually have hair in his mouth, a psychiatrist was suggested to him because of how he felt. He finally made the decision to stop eating altogether and only survive on soda after neither of those options worked out too well.

Gholamreza Ardeshiri said that the first time he drank soda, he felt more energised than ever before and decided that the tasty combination would be his substitute for food. He states that since he started consuming soft drinks, he has lost 32 kilograms, but other than that, he has not experienced any significant health issues in the past 17 years.

The 58-year-old Iranian man is completely aware of the dangers of consuming sugar-filled carbonated beverages, but he insists that he regularly gets his health checked and has even had an endoscopy, which all showed that he is in good health. He claims to simply drink a half-glass of water and a glass of tea, yet he consumes these sweet beverages virtually exclusively.

Gholamreza Ardeshiri has noticed a noticeable increase in energy after he began relying solely on carbonated beverages. He now gets 4 hours of sleep per night and now spends his nights watching TV and doing crossword puzzles.