The Fiat Panda is a cute little automobile that is kept in a lot of garages all around the world.


But in an absurd scheme to build the lowest car in the world, a bunch of Italian YouTubers set their eyes on shrinking it even further.


An impressive video of the so-called “Carmagheddon” group’s attempt to convert a Fiat Panda into a vehicle that is much closer to the earth has been released.


The car’s bottom half had been cut off just below its windows and replaced with a go-kart that was supported by only four tiny wheels.


When tested on gravel, it effortlessly navigates the roadways like any other vehicle, drawing stunned onlookers.


Due to the engine’s removal, the car does seem to operate a little slower than a standard Fiat Panda, which is perhaps to be expected.


However, the go-kart’s embedded wheels and pedals can be used by the driver to steer and move the vehicle forward like any other.