Pikachu is a cute and well-known character from the immensely popular Pokémon series, in which cute small creatures called Pokémon (derived from the phrase “Pocket monsters”) engage in combat and various adventures.

Pokémon are quite adorable and frequently have highly creative designs. life’s safe to say that most of us have at some point in our lives wondered what life would be like if Pokémon weren’t just cartoon characters.

You’re in luck, sort of, if you’ve ever wanted to see a Pokémon in person.

Although she isn’t a real Pokémon, the internet is in awe of this adorable little girl’s odd coloring, and many users have excitedly made comparisons to the well-known Pickachu.

Hoewer, she is a golden brushtail possum after all!

After falling from her mother’s back and becoming defenseless and alone, the little possum was saved.

She was fortunately discovered, saved, and taken to the Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Hospital in VIC, Australia.

But fortunately, none of that mattered to this tiny child. After being saved, she received all the comfort, safety, and care she need, and she continued to live with a caretaker until it was time for her to be released into a wildlife preserve.