Legal action is being taken against a Dutch sperm donor who is suspected of fathering 550 children in order to prevent him from continuing to donate sperm out of concern that his generous generosity may raise the chance of unintentional incest.

The mother of one of the children Jonathan Jacob Meijer fathered as well as Donorkind, a Dutch charity for children produced through sperm donations, are suing him. Meijer is a musician from The Hague.

Meijer is accused by Donorkind of providing sperm to at least 13 clinics, the bulk of which are located in the Netherlands, and of corresponding with potential parents on social media under an alias.

According to Donorkind, Meijer has fathered about 550 children, exceeding Dutch laws that prohibit having more than 25 children or impregnating more than 12 mothers.

These kinds of rules exist to prevent “inbreeding” and incest, according to Donorkind, who also noted that children who learn they have hundreds of half-siblings may experience psychological effects.

He is yet to appear in court for a hearing.