The 100th birthday party of a guy from California failed in the best way possible.


To help their father celebrate the achievement, Dr. Robert Moore’s family requested via an app that people dress up their dogs and parade them in front of their home.


The reaction was amazing.


For her father’s party, Alison Moore, says she was anticipating 20 to 30 dogs to attend. Instead, she said that 200 dog owners and their canine companions stopped by to wish him a happy birthday.


In actuality, there were a lot of dogs. The queue extended down the street and around the block.


There were canines pulling carts, wearing tuxedos, cowboy hats, and classic cars, as well as puppies with disabilities.


Robert is a retired university dean from California who adores dogs. He was overjoyed to meet the owners and each dog.


However, it didn’t end there. Even though the majority of people didn’t know Robert, they nevertheless created his pictures and posters and sent him flowers and cupcakes.


The Moore family expressed their gratitude for the community’s support in helping their father celebrate his 100th birthday, something they believe he will never forget.