At 79 years old, Luisa Yu, hailing from the Philippines, has achieved her lifelong dream of exploring every corner of the globe.

Her journey has taken her to precisely 193 countries.

Luisa’s adventure began when she moved to St. Louis as an exchange student from the Philippines, later settling in Miami for its warmer climate.

Her passion for travel ignited in her 20s, as she traversed “nearly all 45 states in the US,” she revealed to NBC6.

Over the next five decades, she embarked on a quest to explore as many countries as possible. Finally, at 79, she reached Serbia, marking the completion of her ambitious list.

An inspiration to many, this Filipino-American wanderer encourages aspiring travellers not to hesitate but to seize the opportunity.

“Don’t wait for anybody, because if you wait, it will never happen,” she advises.

From encountering crocodiles in West Africa to trekking through Madagascar, Luisa proves that age is merely a number.

Though singling out a favourite country proves challenging, she shares that Italy, the Philippines, and Thailand hold special places in her heart.

With her 80th birthday approaching, Luisa reflects contentedly on her remarkable accomplishments.

Throughout her travels, she has formed countless bonds, earning her the affectionate nickname “Mama” from those she’s met along the way.

Her adventures have also garnered recognition, including the 2022 Nomad Mania Award for her positive spirit and the Most Adventure Explorer Award from Global Explorer in the Philippines.