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No matter how advanced technology gets, messaging will always be the go-to medium when trying to reach that one person or a group of people. But with every means of communication comes its’ downside, and in this case, icks.

Here is a list of things not to do when texting:

 1. Thumbs Up

The last thing a person wants to see after sending a text (especially a lengthy one) is a ‘thumbs up’. It makes the sender look uninterested and bored and does not give a hoot about the message. Reply to the message. Don’t just give a ‘thumbs up’.

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2. *Seen*

What’s worse than a ‘thumbs up’? Leaving a seen. I don’t think there’s anything else I can say about it; leaving a ‘seen’ is crazy.

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3. One-word Replies

If you’re talking to your crush, the last thing you want to do is reply with only one word. Eg., K, set, cool, etc.

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4. Bad Grammar

Most people won’t mind incorrect spelling, but bad grammar is quite the turn-off for most. Take your time when texting, friend.

5. Late Replies

For all things good in this world, please don’t reply after long hours. It kills the conversation.

There you have it! Apply these to your everyday texts and you should be good to go.