Is there a low-cost medicine you may take before drinking that permanently ends hangovers? If it is, please let me know before Christmas because it sounds too wonderful to be true.

Since turning 30, recovering from a hangover has been harder, so I have to be selective about which social events I attend. I was accordingly fascinated when I learned about Myrkl, a “wonder” drug that may permanently eliminate hangovers.

The holiday season is still ahead of me, and there will be plenty of opportunities to indulge in alcoholic beverages. But because I’m also preparing for the London Marathon the following year, I can’t take too many days off.

In human history, the product known as Myrkl is the “first formula to demonstrate promising results of effectively breaking down alcohol in the gut before it reaches the liver.” Myrkl, which contains vitamin B12, is touted to “ensure you feel fresh the next day” and has received a satisfaction rating of 75% from customers in an independent survey.

They suggest requiring two of the pills between two and 12 hours sometime recently drinking liquor, which ought to actually permit you to drink without the looming fate of another morning’s sore head. They fetched £1 each, but tragically you won’t discover them in a drug storeYou’ll as it were purchase them in batches of 30 through the Myrkl site, so you’ll get to fork out £30 to undertake them yourself.

Within the title of science, I chose to undertake it ahead of the festive season to see in case these pills are getting to gotten to be a standard in my kitchen pantry. As the box says, I took two of the generally expansive capsules for two hours sometime recently I began boozing. With a full stomach of nourishment, I drank two gin and tonics to begin me off at domesticsometime recently going a bit rebellious and having a half quart at the neighbourhood bar. At this point, I was feeling fine and totally calm.

Back at domestic (it was a Thursday night, donate me a break) and not needing to blend alcohols as well intensely, I went back to gin and tonics, and still held up for any feeling of being drunk – but it never came. More often than not at this point, I would begin feeling a bit fluffy-headed, but I still felt calm.

When I woke up the other morning I was fantastically astounded. Not as it were had I a fallen sleeping straight absent (unheard of when I drink liquor), but I’d rested the complete night through. Yes, my mouth was a small dry, but other than that I felt completely fine. No queasiness or headache. After a healthy breakfast, I was open to the thought that the aftereffect might come all through the day – but it never did. And to demonstrate how incredible I felt, I indeed went on an 8K run. May this be the reply to my dream of preparing for the London marathon without having to grant up liquor?