OK so you can say what you want about Kpop fans but you’ve gotta admit  sometimes it feels like you can’t outfan a kpop fan

A huge indication of a kpop fans commitment… well my sister, who by the way is a HUGE Kpop fan, just recently showed me a song that had full-on iTaukei subtitles… “ITZY – LOCO”

If that’s not commitment I don’t know what is



I know for fans of boy bands and girl groups.. many may say they’re willing to fight for the honour of their favourite band/group… but would they take the time out to translate a song that’s not even in English into their mother tongue

Check out the song my sister showed me and be sure to turn on the subtitles.. namely the Fijian subtitles



To whoever took the time out to do this… I salute you