Here’s Drix’s theory on the origins of the word “Kwan”

Kwan is used widely in Fiji to chase dogs no matter when the dog is born… it will for some weird reason understand what the word Kwan is

Now Kwan is after some thought many will realize, not a word

So where mada did this word originate from?

Well let’s take it back… way back to when Fiji was still under colonial rule

For this example, we will use Seru

Seru walks past this certain house every afternoon and from observation, he can see that this family has an animal he has never seen before

And with every passing of this house, he starts to learn certain words and phrases

On one of the afternoons, he notices the man of the house chasing this animal and he hears the man going…


Now Seru not knowing a word of English deduces the magic word used to chase this new animal and he begins to share it with friends and family

But instead of saying “Go On” he says what he thinks he hears… “Ko One”

And thus Fiji’s universal word for chasing dogs was born… KWAN!!

Kwan!! A word originated by a game of Chinese Whisper spanning Generations