After drinking sixty pints of beer, a 37-year-old man experienced the longest hangover ever recorded in history.


Everybody has experienced it: a sharp ache shooting through the side of their head, making it difficult to blink, parched mouth, and breath that smells like one too many beers the night before.


Imagine that, but imagine that two of those symptoms were multiplied by 28 days, as one man went through a four-week hangover following the consumption of an incredible 34 litres of beer.


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He did not take regular medicine and had no history of health issues or head injuries.

When the physicians examined him, they discovered that he was “fully alert.” Neither a blood pressure nor body temperature check nor a CT scan revealed any abnormalities.


On the other hand, a spinal tap indicated that the patient had a large build-up of pressure surrounding his brain.
Additionally, blood tests revealed that the patient might have lupus anticoagulant syndrome, a rare auto-immune disease.

The eye doctor concluded that he had just consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. The man went on to say that he had been drinking beer nonstop for a few days prior to developing a four-week headache and blurred vision, which he attributed to a “domestic crisis.”


The man had to endure a full six months of treatment with anticoagulation from doctors in order to get rid of his persistent headache and blurred vision.


By July 2007, he had fully recovered and was no longer the same person, but he had learned a valuable lesson about the dangers of consuming alcohol continuously for several days at a time.


Source: Unilad