Imagine having some parasitic worm wriggling around your head, more specifically in your brain. The world’s first documented case of a roundworm squatting in someone’s head.

A 64-year-old Australian woman was sent to hospital for brain surgery where the neurosurgeon did not expect to see what many can describe as a scene Sci-fi flick. The finding has left experts in scrambles to find what exactly was this parasite.

Alive and wriggling' parasitic worm removed from brain of Australian woman  | The Independent


According to reports the patient lived near a lake area inhabited by carpet pythons in NSW Australia. Although it’s not clear how this lady came into contact with the roundworm, she likely caught the worm when gathering warrigal greens, a native leafy vegetable that she cooked and ate.

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They discovered the worm when the 64-year-old was admitted to a local hospital in late January 2021 after suffering three weeks of abdominal pain and diarrhoea, followed by a constant dry cough, fever and night sweats.

Several months later, her symptoms developed into forgetfulness and depression and she was sent to a hospital in the Australian capital, where an MRI scan revealed something unusual in the right frontal lobe of her brain.

This is a lesson for us to wash our veggies properly and cook them thoroughly. We never know, maybe something wiggle might be in our Chow.


Source: CNN