It is officially coming to an end in June.

Sherri Shepherd’s deal has been finalized and ‘The Sherri Shepherd Show’ [working title] will now replace Wendy’s this fall.

The producers informed everyone that the [Wendy Show] was being canceled at the end of June. Then in the next breath they hired everyone to work on the new Sherri show.

Earlier this week, Wendy popped up on Instagram with a new video from a new account — and that wasn’t just because she’s trying to regain control of her personal narrative.

Wendy Show execs have been trying to end her show and find a suitable replacement for several years now — but to no avail.

[Wendy] had become somewhat unbearable, having tantrums and throwing things at people. Basically, the consensus among the crew is that she didn’t wanna be there anymore. Her illnesses may have exacerbated that feeling. 

Despite Wendy’s health battles and multiple hiatuses, Debmar-Mercury decided to renew Wendy’s show after their planned replacement, ‘The Jerry O’Connell Show,’ fell through with awful ratings.

It’s unclear if Wendy will make a return to the purple chair before her show ends, but we wish her all the best in her recovery.