Why scroll mindlessly for free when you could be getting some cold hard cash for it?

If “professional TikTok watcher” was on your list of dream jobs, get that résumé ready because you could earn a pretty penny.

The Influencer marketing company Ubiquitous will be paying $50 an hour for someone to binge-watch TikToks for a total of 12 hours, earning a total of $600.

This isn’t only for TikTok lovers. This is for someone who has an active social media presence. All you gotta do is share the best TikTok videos you come across on your social media platforms. Once your TikTok binge is complete, you’ll then be asked to rank your Top 10 favourite videos.

The requirements of this job are simple; you have to be at least 18 years old and you have to have an active social presence.

Mahhhn, oh mahhhn! meanwhile, some of us have been doing this, FOR FREE!!

The question now stands, Would You Try This?