The record for the shortest marriage in history took place in Kuwait just a few years ago. The story of their divorce shook the entire internet. The couple had signed all their marriage papers and contracts in front of a judge in a court. The judge witnessed them get married in front of him. The entire marriage process went well and the newlywed couple prepared to go home after getting married. As they were leaving the courthouse, things suddenly did not go well anymore.

The problem began when the newlywed bride tripped, slipped, and fell on the floor. Instead of helping her get back on her feet and being chivalrous, her newlywed husband laughed at her fall, mocked her, and also called her stupid. This incident infuriated the newlywed bride a lot. In a fit of rage, she rushed back to the courthouse and demanded a divorce from the judge.

The judge agreed to her demands and granted her the divorce. The marriage of the newlywed couple was annulled just after 3 minutes. This incident got known to be the shortest marriage in history. When anyone Google searches for “shortest marriage in history”, the top results show articles related to this incident.

This incident led to many debates among internet users. Some of them say that the bride did the right thing and some say that the bride had an overreaction. Those who support her say that a marriage should be about respect while others say that the husband was just joking and should not face such harsh consequences.