The start of a new relationship can be the most stressful. You try your best to look presentable at all times. The effort is at an all-time high just so you can impress your partner. Some find that going the extra mile can help them be more comfortable around their lover.

A woman was left in shock after the man she is dating called her “gross” for having hair on her toes. It was something that she hadn’t taken notice of in the past and was in fact unbothered by its existence.

She considers herself to be well groomed however the man was outraged by what she describes as “a little toe fuzz” thus ruining the date between the two.

The woman took to Reddit to explain the situation in further detail saying “I went on a second date with a guy last night. We’ve been talking for a bit and the first date went really well so I was looking forward to a second date.”

“At first everything started out great. We had dinner at a good restaurant, good conversation and then we went back to my place. We were sitting beside each other on my couch, watching a show and then he told me to put my feet in his lap”

Husband giving a foot massage to wife

She mentioned that during dinner she had talked about how her feet had been sore from the day’s work. So he offered a foot massage out of courtesy. The date took an awkward turn from there when the man pointed out the hair on her toes and even called it “gross.”

She states that there was an awkward silence that followed and she took it as her cue to excuse her date.

She concluded by saying “Won’t be seeing him again!”