Every year the FM96 Squad takes on new additions. These newbies must undergo training in the studio and also endure experiences that help them to ‘break out of their shells’. One of those experiences happens to be the FM96 Dare that happens every year at the Coca-Cola Games.


This year the new kids on the block include George, Tyron, Tai and Marcus (pictured below). They have been given the title of Party Starters.


As a right of passage, these four brave individuals must walk about the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva and GET THE PARTY STARTED!

For the last two days of the Coca-Cola Games, they will be strutting around in their catchy outfits along with their bombastic music. They may come up to you and try to get you and your friends to dance with them. Don’t be startled. That’s their goal: to bring the GOOD VIBES.

Here are some snaps of them caring out their dare so far:



Getting The Party Started with a few spectators .




Bringing the Great Vibes to the ACS Cheer Squad.





The FM96 Party Starters Feeling The Vibe with MGM athlete Kesaia Boletanakdavu.



The Party is only getting Started.



If you missed them today, be sure to catch them tomorrow, same time, same place for an awsome PARTYYYYYYYYYYYY.