Waking up every early morning to help out around the house and on their family farm, Avikash Lal found that success comes to those who seek it.

At first glance, you would not expect that the same man selling fresh produce on the sidewalk is one of Fiji’s most renowned athletes. Having represented Fiji not only in the South Pacific Region Athletic Tournaments he kept on stepping it up and has made it to World Stage Competitions such as the Hypothermic 1/2 Marathon hosted at Stanley Park in Vancouver.

The Man with the Jet Shoes has travelled to various countries and is now a host on one of our beloved Fiji Airways Airplanes, but he does not shy away from getting his hands dirty on the farm whenever he is back home. Being humble is just one of the many Amazing Qualities that Avikash possesses. Staying grounded regardless of the success he has achieved over the years Avikash is always a bubbly and fun-filled person to be around.

With people sharing a reel of Avikash’s hustle on the streets from selling produce to being one of the most loveable cabin crew on a flight, he has shown the youngsters of Fiji that hard work really does pay off.