A few years back, I was texting this guy that I thought was the cutest person ever. After a month of messaging back and forth, we finally settled on a date to meet and have lunch.

I remember it was a warm sunny Saturday afternoon. We agreed to meet at 1pm for a late lunch (or brunch).

I ran back and forth around the house in the hours leading up to the date. I showered, washed my hair, cut my toenails, shaved my legs etc. I did a lot to make sure I looked my best for our first date. I was tryna impress this boy, considering it was gonna be the first time we were meeting.

I arrived at our meet-up spot before him. I checked my hair and makeup so often, I’m surprised my phone camera didn’t break haha.

He arrived 5 mins after I did. He immediately came in for a hug, which I thought was sweet, but then something became very very wrong.

His body odor was on another level and I honestly couldn’t stand it. It was understandable since he had just come back from his basketball training. However, this was our first date so a little effort to smell good would’ve been appreciated.

A few minutes afterwards, I excused myself to the toilet. That’s what I told him at least. In actuality, I snuck out through the back nd never returned his calls.

Friendly reminder gents and humans in general: DEODORANT IS IMPORTANT!