This may come as a bit of a shock but this incident occurred when I was still in my adolescence.

The signs came up slowly but gradually. I began to notice my favourite clothing articles go missing one by one. First was one to go was my bikini, then my beloved graphic tee followed by a hoodie that was gifted to me.

At first, I thought it had gotten mixed up with my mother and sister’s clothes and ended up in their rooms.

Then it happened. I saw our housegirl in town while out shopping and there she was wearing my favourite graphic tee that was supposedly ‘missing’. I also noticed my bracelet on her wrist as well. She didn’t notice me so I was able to carry this information without her knowledge.

I decided not to confront her just yet but rather wait and see if she would take any more of my things. This behaviour continued and I had had enough.

I confronted her and asked her why did she do it in the first place. Came to find out that she thought I had ‘great taste’ and she envied my clothes.

Having felt some kind of sympathy for her, I decided to donate a few items just for her. i understand what she did was wrong but it was a goos opportunity for me to show kindness and grace.

Let this be a lesson if ever you find yourself ina situation like such.