It’s safe to say that Fijian mums are just on a different level of no F’s given.

My mum is no exception as she’s probably one of the most typical Fijian mums I can think of right now.

Let me tell you a story about when my sister’s flip-flops were stolen and my mum found them by accident.

My sister, Tai, has a horrible habit of leaving her shoes outside when she’s not using them and this proved to be bad luck when two girls, from our neighbourhood, came home to buy grog from my grandmother.

After the two girls left, my sister went outside to go get something which is when she noticed her flip-flops were missing.

Nobody else in the house would wear these flip-flops as they were pretty expensive and my sister is very particular about who can wear her things, so this was obviously upsetting her.

A few days passed and the missing flip-flops mystery was still unsolved.

We were just about to give up hope when my mum decided to take a stroll to the neighbourhood corner shop to buy some bread. On the way there, she walked past two girls that were just minding their own business and going about their day.

She was on the phone while she was walking and she just so happened to look down at the feet of the girls. Mind you, ever since Tai’s flip-flops went missing, she’s been scanning everyone’s feet in the yasa lol

She saw that one of the girls was wearing my sister’s flip-flops. Now you’re probably thinking, “Ok. What if that girl just had the exact same kind of shoes?”

My sister’s flip-flops were actually custom made so they were unique to her.

My mum stopped the two girls in their tracks and asked them where they got their shoes from.

They started giving excuses that just were not matching and that’s when my mum literally bent down and pulled the flip-flops off of the girl’s feet.

She gave them a good verbal warning about how stealing is wrong and that even though they think they can get away with it, the truth will always come out on top.

All of this is happening on the footpath on the way to the shop, mind you.

The girls apologized for what they did and they promised not to do it again so my mum continued her walk to the shop before coming home feeling so proud of herself that she was able to find my sister’s shoes.

I guess the moral of this story is never mess with Fijian mums and their babies.