It’s a common occurrence in almost every workplace to have that one co-worker that just won’t seem to leave you be. Whether they be from the same department or way on the other end of the building, when your paths cross the conversation seems to have no end.

They would typically begin with small talk regarding common topics like the weather, the latest game or the earthquake they felt while in bed the night before. Then proceed to tell the most uninteresting tale while expecting you to maintain full attention. For most who don’t want to come off as rude or bored, they would normally reply with the usual pleasantries i.e wow, that’s crazy, OMG and so forth. Others would resort to the classic line “Sounds good. Catch you later”.

Occasionally, you could be the topic of conversation for once but this time the annoying colleague asks you the most personal or downright irritating questions that you would not necessarily answer to a mere acquaintance. Now how does one avoid this you might ask. Well, it’s pretty simple, turn the question on them instead and see how they feel about being asked such absurd queries.

For some odd reason, you always encounter them at times when you’re rushing to get elsewhere like to your next meeting or to the store before lunch hour is up. To make matters worse, you work together therefore they are completely unavoidable and you’re likely to encounter them once more before knock-off time.

Now a word of advice, maintain composure and a good enough amount of interest in this co-worker’s stories, as dreadful as they may be. Why? Because one day they might the only person available at the office to pay your cab fare when you accidentally forget your wallet at home.

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