Taylor Swift is on track to deliver the highest-grossing tour in music history with ticket sales of more than $13 million each night while on the road.


The majority of the funds go toward production expenses, and this amount does not account for the additional millions in item sales that the Eras tour is bringing in. Swift remains the highest-grossing artist in the world, and this tour is the largest of her career.


Swift is on track to earn more than $1 billion, a milestone that has never been reached by an artist. The tour has made $300 million via 22 shows, claims Pollstar, a trade journal.


She was slated to perform more than 50 times total in the US before leaving for another country.


A Taylor Swift performance now costs $134 more. More than 1.1 million individuals have purchased tickets in spite of this.


Perks of being the best female singer alive.