Taylor Swift is officially in her REPUTATION and 1989 ERA!


The 12-time Grammy Winner enjoyed her Sunday afternoon in Kansas City to watch Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce do his thing. Before all of this, Kelce had mentioned on a podcast with his brother that he had attended Taylors Eras’ Tour that was held in Arrowhead. He had made her a friendship bracelet with his NUMBER on it but couldn’t give it to her.

Ofcourseeeee the #SWIFTIES lived for this piece of information and started putting pieces of this new puzzle together. Things got exciting when he went on an interview and spoke a bit on his mysterious relationship with Taylor. “I threw the ball in her court and said, ‘I’ve seen you rock the stage at Arrowhead. You might have to come watch me play the stage at Arrowhead and see which one is a little more lit.’

Next thing we know! THE Taylor Swift is up in the box with Mama Kelce, looking comfortable, watching Travis. It was super wholesome to see her cheer her heart out and #SWIFTIES wasted no time and started posting about the pair on social media. Even verified Sports pages like ESPN, NFL and so on, plus many more verified TikTok pages made edits of the pair! Is it also important to mention that nobody really paid attention to Ushers’ halftime show because EVERYONE was solely focused on Miss Swift.

Here’s where things get spicy! Travis rented out a whole restaurant for himself, his teammates, and their families and of course, Taylor was with him. Sources confirmed that they arrived at 8.45 pm left at 1.10 am, and drove into the sunset in his convertible!

#SWIFTIES are confident he’s her soulmate because everything adds up; he was also born in 1989, the same date as her grandmother Majorie, and he’s the 13th person to ever be associated with Taylor (13 is her lucky favourite number), he matches her energy in so many ways and is the first ever man to ever make the first move on her along with the fact that MAJORITY of her songs (past and present) kind of describe him. Maybe she really is the MASTERMIND and MANIFESTED all of this?? The ultimate power couple!

Could it be? or are we just being DELULU?!

Whatever it is, we’re here for it!