Serious concerns are now being raised regarding many attacks and robberies by youths and street kids loitering in Suva City and the surrounding areas at night.

fijivillage News has been contacted by a number of people in the past few days regarding attacks and robberies on the streets. They say these people loitering in different parts of Suva are also getting daring and are now even attacking and robbing people in broad daylight.

There have been a number of attacks on people by youths along Waimanu Road, Stewart Street and Saint Fort Street.

These people are seen loitering around sniffing glue and there are allegations that they may also be high on drugs.

They are attacking people at random at any time of the day or night, and this is happening almost every day.

We have asked the Police what type of action is being taken as there are also reports along Victoria Parade and surrounding areas where groups of youths are loitering and attacking and robbing people at night and early in the morning.

Many people who spoke to us have not reported the matter to the Police as they believe no action is being taken.

Police Chief of Operations, ACP Livai Driu says when the matter is reported to Police, it will be investigated accordingly.

He says as for the issue of youths loitering in town, they are told to leave if they do not have any reasons to be in town.

To keep Suva safe, an urgent call is being made to the Police to patrol the streets and chase these loiterers home.

We have also asked what is being done regarding drug dealing and glue sniffing which according to members of the public is becoming a major concern.

ACP Driu says while they are making arrests for those found in possession in major towns and cities, they have stepped up on targeting the source, by targeting those distributing and cultivating the illicit drugs.

He says Police are also concerned about glue sniffing and believe that the sale of glue should be regulated in such a way that only industries or individuals using the glue as per their line of work should be the ones allowed to purchase it.

fijivillage News encourages you to take photos of groups targeting people to rob, and details of any assaults or robberies on our streets, and send them to

They will then follow these up with the Police.

SOURCE: fijivillage