After a student discovered what appears to be a rat head in their cafeteria lunch, a scandal dubbed “Rat Head Gate” gained a lot of attention on Chinese social media. It’s actually a duck head, according to the school.

According to reports, the incident happened last week at the cafeteria of Nanchang, China’s Jiangxi Vocational Technical College of Industry Trade.

A student was having their lunch when they noticed what appeared to be a rat’s head in their bowl of rice. They took out their phone to take a picture of the find. When they brought it up with the cafeteria workers, they were informed that it was actually a duck’s head rather than a rat’s head.

The latter is a staple of Chinese cuisine, along with duck necks, but the student hadn’t ordered it, and it most definitely didn’t resemble a duck.

The student’s discovery of the head really belonged to a duck, according to the school’s account of events, which soon gained traction on Chinese social media. The Jiangxi Vocational Technical College issued a formal statement on June 3rd refuting the “rat head” claims that had started circulating around the campus, maintaining that it had actually been a peculiar-looking duck head.

The local food supervision office made a comment about the incident the very next day, claiming that it had in fact been a duck head.