You must be shocked by the caption of this story right? Well here’s how it all began.

His name is Tucson Prime, one of the most adored dogs in Brazil, gained international attention for his touching tale. And even though he started working for Hyundai in 2020, this puppy still advocates adoption and has inspired many people to help animals that are similar to him.

Tucson, who was given his name after the best-selling vehicle at the dealership, was frequently spotted outdoors by the employees as he yearned for human affection. However, that was only before Emerson Mariano, the showroom manager, brought him home and gave him a bath, food, and a name.

Tucson has been an honorary employee of the dealership ever since that day. He receives a lot of visitors while he watches over the showroom, and the crew continues to post some of their favourite experiences with him on Instagram. Tucson has grown to be a valuable addition to the business.

Now Tucson has over 180.000 followers on social media and has helped many stray dogs, delivering food and toy donations to organizations that need the support. Following his story, another adorable dog was adopted by a different dealership in Brazil, Vision Carway, quickly becoming another celebrity dog and helping sales skyrocket while welcoming customers and posting about his days at the company.