Why is this even a thing? This shouldn’t be a thing. It should’ve never been a thing.

First of all, regardless of whether you’re related to person in the casket or not, it’s weird and insensitive. IT’S A DEAD BODY, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! There’s a reason why pictures and videos of dead people are censored on social media.

Not just that, but posting pictures of your loved ones when they were on their deathbed is wild! That’s your loved one in their most vulnerable state. Why would you want other people to see that? Taking photos for your own personal memory is fine. Even printing those photos out and having them in your house is great because you can control who sees those photos, but posting up photos of your family members in a hospital bed close to death and having the time to write a full caption just for likes on social media is also crackhead energy and not the good kind.

If ever you plan to take photos and videos like that in the future, put yourself in the shoes of the people you’re about to take photos and videos of and ask yourself if you’d appreciate it if people posted up photos of you shriveling on a hospital bed or lying lifeless in a coffin. Then ask yourself if EVERYONE on social media will appreciate seeing your lifeless corpse on their timelines.

With that being said, it’s important that people who do the opposite of this are noticed. I see you! I notice you! Thank you for being a decent human being!