The relationship shared between two ‘tavales’ can be described in many ways. This relationship is based on making jokes, taking things from each other and even flirting with each other. Safe to say, there is nothing off limits when it comes to your tavale.

Now it is customary for tavales to make ‘dirty’ jokes with each other and this is regardless of whoever is present in the room. Even partners or spouses. There may be a few individuals who let this behaviour slide and are able to see past it.

However, a select few aren’t as lenient and would rather not see it happen altogether. Some tavales may continue with the flirting deliberately or just out of habit.

Let’s bear in mind that this ‘habit’ should come to a full stop once a tavale is in a relationship. It’s the considerate thing to do for the spouse or what some would refer to as ‘karua.’

We can keep this behaviour for the single tavales haha.