So it all started about a week ago, this person on Facebook added me and started a conversation. She said she was a fan and wanted to talk on the phone then proceeded to ask for my number.

Hesitant at first but eventually I gave my number and for a good 4 days we conversed only on the phone and got to know each other, we developed a friendship and soon planned to meet up.

So the day before the meet up she had messaged me on Facebook saying its an emergency and she needed help, as gullible as I was, I wanted to help her any way I could, she asked me for $50 and luckily enough it was payday so without hesitation I sent her $60 through Mpaisa.

After I had sent the money I got a message giving me the details of the person I sent it t.

Looking at the name It was sooooooo familiar then I realized it was my neighbour’s name. So I asked myself if I was talking to my neighbour all this time, The account being used was a totally different account but the number belonged to my neighbour (As I just found out).

I was confused so I made my way home, my plan was to go confront my neighbour but as soon as I got to our driveway, My sister and my neighbour were sitting on the porch laughing, so I asked what was going on, to which my sister replied “Remember that $50 you took from me 6 years ago and never paid?, Well now you have”, Note to self, always pay your DINAU !!!