Model Bella Hadid got dressed at Paris Fashion Week quite literally—she closed Parisian ready-to-wear brand Coperni’s show by having a white evening gown sprayed onto her.

She walked on stage Friday night, covering her breasts with one hand and wearing nothing but a thong, while a team of technicians sprayed a self-hardening fabric from a can onto her bare body.

Once they had built the dress on her, she strutted down the runway, showing off her new custom-made outfit.

The seemingly made-for-social media moment is already going viral on TikTok, where users have pointed out the similarities between it and the iconic Spring 1999 Alexander McQueen fashion show. In the latter, model Shalom Harlow spun around as two robots spray painted yellow and black onto her white dress



Could you see this as the future of clothing? Imagine throwing away all your clothes and replacing them with spray cans

Wuuuuu lei and when you run out of spray cans… hahahaha


[Source: DailyBeast]