A woman in Arizona can credit her son for her new hairstyle.

In 2018, Melanie Shaha lost her hair as a result of radiation therapy after a benign tumour on her pituitary gland returned for the third time.

She explained to the source that when you don’t have hair, you stand out like a sore thumb and kind people can say things that hurt you. “I don’t mind being ill, but I don’t like to appear ill. In the store, I’d like to fit in than stand out.


One day during lunch that year, her son made what seemed to be a lighthearted suggestion. Why don’t I let my hair grow out so that I may manufacture a wig for you? I asked. Matt, 27, reported.


In terms of colour and texture, Matt’s hair was the most similar to that of his mother’s for the following 2.5 years as he let it grow out.
When his hair reached 12 inches in length in March 2022, it was time to completely chop it off.

We were so excited that we started crying when they started chopping, Melanie recounted.