So Joey has a couple of friends who are extremely addicted to playing Carrom Pool or more well known to us in Fiji as Vidividi

So addicted that even when they visit friends they take the vidividi board around to challenge them and their families


No description available.


The funny thing about this vidividi board though… is that it’s not even Joey’s… it’s Tammy’s

Around the week before the Fiji Day weekend, Joey and friends planned to go on a road trip around Viti Levu and bunk at an island

The two vidividi addicts suggested that they take the vidividi board

The rest of the squad said no because it was gonna stick out like a sore thumb

But these two friends decided to stand their ground and were like… if the vidividi board is not going we’re not going

Long Story Short


No description available.


This is a result of never backing down… the triumph of arriving at your destination with a vidividi board and it’s not even yours


No description available.


One thing is for sure though…



This is not the end of this vidividi boards journey as Joey and friends are planning to conquer Fiji with Vidividi