A Bangladesh singer named ‘Hero’ Alom, who has a huge following on social media, was called in by the police and made to apologise for his out-of-tune singing of classic songs


Alom recalled the incident that took place last week:

The police picked me up at 6 a.m. and kept me there for eight hours. They inquired as to why I sang Rabindra and Nazrul songs.

Alom told AFP that he was ‘mentally tortured’ by police last week and was asked to stop performing classical songs. Alom also claimed that the officials told him he was ‘too ugly to be a singer and to sign an ‘apology’ bond

Police recently came out with the statement that our Ugly Convict Singer saying that he was just over exaggerating for clout

Photos of Alom behind bars were recently put up after this confrontation on his social media