A Filipino bride decided to an onion bouquet that weighed around 4kg instead of flowers in the wedding as a flex as the price of onions soared in the nation.



The Bride to be was initially going for the traditional flower bouquet, but then she saw an onion bouquet on social media and proposed the idea to her groom



This is super smart of her cause she realised how flowers wilt, but onions, you could use them as a bouquet during the wedding and then use them in your chicken chop suey for the reception



The Bride (April Lyka Biorrey-Nobis) –

After the wedding, the onions were given to our godparents and bridesmaid so they have with them onions for souvenirs. I also gave my bouquet to our relatives for their everyday use.



She also noted that they skipped the traditional throwing of bouquets to prevent any injury.

Someone would have really ended up with huge… not lump, but LUMPS on the head hahaha

I think this was super creative, what are your thoughts?