Shakira has released a new song with Argentine DJ Bizarrap, and the singer doesn’t seem to be holding back while discussing her breakup with Gerard Piqué: I should have thrown you out a long ago, I’m sorry sweetheart.

The singer appears to shade her ex-boyfriend Gerard Piqué in her most recent song, “BZRP Music Session #53,” which she co-wrote with Argentine DJ Bizarrap. The couple divorced in June 2022.

Her lyrics in English read, “You left me the in-laws as my neighbours / Media outlets at my door and in debt.” Women don’t cry anymore because they cash in, according to the song “You Thought You Hurt Me, But You Made Me Stronger.”


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Shakira also seems to make fun of Clara Chia Marti, Gerard’s 23-year-old girlfriend, in the bouncy song.

I don’t even know what happened to you / I wish you luck with my purported substitute,” she sings. “I can’t even tell you apart; you’re so bizarre; I’m worth two of 22; you exchanged a Ferrari for a Twingo; you traded a Rolex for a Casio.”

The performer further adds, “She is known as a good person. It’s obviously not what it seems to be. She is known as a good person. She is unmistakably the same as you. I’m too good for you, and that’s why you’re with someone who is also a guy like you, for people like you.”



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It’s getting shady in here.