Who would’ve seen this coming? The internet was whipped into a frenzy after Selena Gomez took photos with Hailey Bieber after the model talked about rumours last month that she “stole” he husband, Justin Bieber, from Selena.

This came after the two were pictured to be hugging at the Academy Museum Gala.


Now, if a hug wasn’t enough, they proceeded to take pictures together. I don’t mean ordinary pictures where they’re just smiling, I mean like really cute pictures where they were posing and all.

The internet was NOT READY FOR THIS!

Both women have seemingly attempted to shut down rumours of ill will between the two of them a few times over the years, and this time around, Hailey directly said that it is “not [her] character to mess with someone’s relationship,” and explained that it’s “all love” between both her and Justin’s former partner.

Saturday wasn’t Hailey’s first time speaking with Selena, as she revealed on the podcast that they had indeed spoken to each other at some point after her 2018 wedding with Justin and that there’s “no drama” between them.

Now, you’re probably, well everyone, wondering how Justin felt about this. The┬ásource mentioned, “Justin is very happy with the fact that they can all move on and that it can be peaceful between everyone.” Another source also informed what Selena and Hailey wanted to convey through their photo and said the two wanted to show everyone that there’s “no beef or bad feelings between them anymore.”