We all know that breastmilk is very beneficial for newborns, but what if I told you that adults will also have the chance to try well, breastmilk, again?

A cafe in the Russian city of Perm has been getting a lot of attention after announcing plans to introduce a controversial breast milk-infused latte on its menu.

Perm-based cafe chain Coffee Smile has been the talk of the Russian internet over the past week after announcing intentions to use real human breast milk as an ingredient for coffee products like lattes and cappuccinos. It all started earlier this month when Coffee Smile locations started plastering posters advertising the controversial new ingredient.

People started sharing photos on social media, and before long, local businessman and Coffee Smile owner Maxim Kobelev released a promotional video claiming that his cafes will be using genuine breastmilk stored in special, pharmacy-grade bags.

Imagine if we were to have this in Fiji…Would you try it?