There was a man from Rewa and a Man from Wainibuka, Tailevu.
They were engaged in a ruthless battle for the belt over a few basins of grog.
Then all of a sudden the man from Wainibuka farted.
The man from Rewa noticed that a few of his eyebrows fell..
The man from Wainibuka saw what his fart had caused and was ashamed..
The Rewa man saw that his friend was embarrassed and didn’t want him to feel bad
So the Rewan looked at the Guy from Wainibuka, whose fart almost took half of his eyebrows, and smiled
“My Friend… Don’t worry your fart was nothing… if I had farted you would inhale Here..
And you would find yourself breathing out in Heaven!!
“Oh Nite! lailai na ci qori.. ni sa ci o yau.. O na breathe in i ke..