Make sure your Netflix account is active so you don’t miss this spin-off series that will have you trotting through England. May 4th is the date to save as we are about to take a little adventure.

Whoever said all is fair in love and war likely never served as a queen, and certainly not one of the wide-eyed young eligibles so well-chronicled in the Bridgerton universe. In a world where courtship essentially serves as a pregnant pause before a wedding (and a wedding can define the ethos of an era), nothing is really fair.

Queen Charlotte, the regal and romance-happy monarch who has a hand in all of Bridgerton’s most pivotal pairings, knows this better than anyone—and in the first teaser for Netflix’s prequel to the series, Queen Charlotte, viewers get a glimpse at the world Charlotte grew up in, and her journey to matrimony with King George.

As the teaser clearly illustrates, there’s a lot on the line for a young Charlotte (India Amarteifio) when she arrives at the palace to begin an organized courtship with King George (Corey Mylchreest). Although an initial meeting indicates some early romantic tension, the pressure on Charlotte to get things right with George is more than a little intense.


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Source: AV Club